What & Why

What is DPG

DPG is a simple, bloat-free, and powerful Python GUI framework.

DPG is built with Dear ImGui and other extensions in order to create a unique retained mode API, as opposed to Dear ImGui’s immediate mode paradigm.

Under the hood, DPG uses the immediate mode paradigm allowing for extremely dynamic interfaces. Similar to PyQt, DPG does not use native widgets but instead draws the widgets using your computer’s graphics card (using Directx11, Metal, and Vulkan rendering APIs).

In the same manner Dear ImGui provides a simple way to create tools for game developers, DPG provides a simple way for python developers to create quick and powerful GUIs for scripts.

Why use DPG

When compared with other Python GUI libraries DPG is unique with:

  • GPU rendering

  • Multithreaded

  • Highly customizable

  • Built-in developer tools: theme inspection, resource inspection, runtime metrics

  • 70+ widgets with hundreds of widget combinations

  • Detailed documentation, examples and support