Init Files

Init files are used to preserve the following data between application sessions

  • window positions

  • window sizes

  • window collapse state

  • window docking

  • table column widths

  • table column ordering

  • table column visible state

  • table column sorting state


Init files use the tag of the window. Make sure the tag does not change between sessions by generating the tag beforehand or specifying it as a string.

Creating init files

Use save_init_file while

your application is running.


windows and tables can individually opt out of having their settings saved with the no_saved_settings keyword.

Loading init files

Use configure_app before creating the viewport.

Below is an example of using init files to preserve settings between sessions.

  • Position the windows

  • Press the save button and the init file will be saved in the current working directory

  • Restart the app and see your windows in the previous positions.

import dearpygui.dearpygui as dpg


def save_init():

dpg.configure_app(init_file="dpg.ini")  # default file is 'dpg.ini'
with dpg.window(label="about", tag="main window"):
    dpg.add_button(label="Save Window pos", callback=lambda: save_init)

with dpg.window(label="about", tag="side window"):
    dpg.add_button(label="Press me")

dpg.create_viewport(title='Custom Title', width=800, height=600)